Australian Softfall Safety Surfacing Repair Systems

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WHY... correct design, installation

& ongoing maintenance is paramount?

  "Safety, Duty of Care & Compliance is to care! "

Holes, cracks, vandalism, fire, wear,

misuse, age, surface failure
and more holes, we've seen them all,
see some below.

"Experience tells us that is you pay peanuts will get chinese imports...and have to fork out again in a year or two!" is part of the the Softfallguys Group (go there) with Allied Professionals right across metro and country WA, NSW, Queensland, Vic and Tasmania!

Be it rubber products or services like softfall safety surfacing, synthetic turf, sports astro surfaces, sand sifting or playground supply, repair and installation we can do it!

QUALITY affordable product & service, durability and Australian Standard compliance.

Play equipment and its safety surface are major it right and you will SAVE!

Have a softfall safety surface,

sports surface (cricket pitch, tennis courts etc), synthetic home, astro turf or playground displaying hazards or in need of repair, redesign or update?

We are skilled in quality, durable repairs, revamps, redesign and everything in between to sandpit conversions even retiring old play areas matter how big or small!


Local councils & shires, parks & gardens, mining companies, residences, country, waterparks and have undertaken a 1000's surface metres for a host of other commercial, industrial & landscaping projects.

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